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Sepatu Timur Sdn Bhd was incorporated under the Companies Act 1965 on 30 September 1983. The main activities of the company are manufacturing and marketing various types of shoes, textiles and clothing accessories for the use of national defense, security and enforcement agencies. Apart from that, the company also produces fabric and leather-based products for the use of construction, corporate and fashion sectors. These are marketed under its own brand, MINOLI which is divided into three main products, MINOLI FOOTWEAR, MINOLI DRESSWEAR and MINOLI ACCESSORIES.

MINOLI FOOTWEAR has its own shoe production factory located in Lot 1316 Pengkalan Chepa II Industrial Estate, Kota Bharu, Kelantan. With a fleet of fully equipped machinery, assisted by 47 trained workers and staff, Sepatu Timur Sdn Bhd is able to produce a wide range of shoes and leather boots up to 375,000 pairs per year. This factory has been awarded the Best Factory in the State of Kelantan for three years in a row, from 2002 to 2004.

In 2019, Sepatu Timur Sdn Bhd expanded its business in the textile sector by introducing MINOLI DRESSWEAR and MINOLI ACCESSORIES. The collaboration between manufacturers from within and outside the country makes the capacity of production of complete garments reaches 500,000 units per year which is equivalent to 2,000,000 meters of fabric.

The company’s expertise in shoes and textiles is not only limited to manufacturing and producing, but also becoming the source of technical reference by national defense, security and enforcement agencies in producing a suitable Head to Toe clothing. This technical assistance service is provided without any cost and obligations. Sepatu Timur Sdn Bhd is actively helping the Malaysian Government in developing the national defense industry by becoming a member of the Commonwealth Working Group, Malaysian Defense, Enforcement and Security Industry Council (MIDES)



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